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TM9-2815-202-34 4-40.   FUEL   INJECTOR   ASSEMBLY   REPAIR   (Cont) f.   Testing NOTE Injectors  that  were  disassembled must  pass  all  tests  outlined  below prior to installation in engine. Injectors  which  were  removed  from engine should be checked prior to any  disassembly  to  avoid unnecessary repair. (1) Injector control rack freeness (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Place injector in fixture (36). Hold injector control rack (24) in NO FUEL position. (Rack all the way  extended). Using  handle,  depress  follower  to bottom  of  its  stroke. Slowly release pressure on handle while moving control rack in and out until follower reaches top of its travel. Injector passes test  if  rack  falls  freely. If rack binds, loosen injector nut, turn tip, and then torque nut to 80 Ib-ft (108 N-m) for  blued components, 50 Ib-ft (68 N-m) for nonblued components, or 65 Ib-ft (88 N-m) for mixed components.  Loosen  and  torque nut a couple of times if necessary. If rack still binds, change injector nut. Finally, if rack  binds,  disassemble  injector to eliminate cause of misaligned parts or to remove dirt. (2) Spray tip concentricity (a) (b) (c) (d) Place  injector  in  fixture  (36). Adjust  dial  indicator  (37)  to  zero. Rotate  injector  360  degrees  and  note  total  runout  as  indicated  on  dial. If total runout exceeds 0.008 inch, remove injector from fixture. Loosen injector nut, center spray tip, and retorque nut. Recheck sprav tip concentricity. If, after several attempts,  spray  tip  cannot  be  positioned  satisfactorily,  replace  injector  nut. 4-232 Change 1


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