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TM    9-2815-202-34 4-40.  FUEL  INJECTOR  ASSEMBLY  REPAIR  (Cont) NOTE If needle valve opening pressure check was previously preformed, bypass this step. (5)  Needle  Valve  Opening  Pressure (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (9) (h) Operate pump handle  (40) on diesel fuel injector nozzle tester (41) until a clear flow of test oil comes out of mounting pedestal (42). Place check valve (18) centrally on pedestal  (42). Place check valve cage (17), flat side up, and check valve (18) on pedestal (42) with check valve in recess of check valve  cage. Insert spring seat (15) in valve spring (16) and install on check valve cage (17) with seat up. Place spring cage (14) over spring seat (15) and spring (16). Insert needle valve (35) into spray tip (33) with tapered end down. Place assembly on spring cage (14) with quill end of needle valve in hole in spring cage. Lubricate threads on injector nut (11) with engine oil and carefully thread nut on pedestal (42). Tighten nut as tight as possible by hand. Using injector nut socket, torque injector nut (11) to 75-85 Ib-ft (102-115 N-m) for blued components, 45-55 Ib-ft (61-75 N-m) for steel gray components, or 60-70 Ib-ft (81-95 N-m) for mixed components. 4-234 Change  1


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