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TM9-2815-202-34 4-41.  BLOWER  REPAIR  (Cont) (18) Apply step (16) to front end plate (23) and remove two front bearings (33) and two seal ring collars (30) or two lip-type  seals  (31). (19) Clamp lobe of rotor (6) in soft-jawed vise just tight enough to hold rotor stationary. CAUTION To  avoid  breakage  or  distortion,  do not spread or twist oil ring seals more than necessary to remove. NOTE Steps  (20)  thru  (23)  provide information  to  remove  oil  seal  rings (34) and carriers (35) from rotor shafts if original oil seals are installed. (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) Remove oil ring seal (34) from seal ring  carrier  (35)  with  snap-ring  pliers. Place  seal  ring  carrier  adapter  over carrier  (35)  for  seal.  Secure  adaptor to flange of gear puller (with center screw  backed  out)  with  two  supplied bolts. Turn puller screw and pull oil seal ring carrier (34) from shaft of rotor (6). To  remove  remaining  oil  seal  ring carriers from shafts of rotors (6 and 7), repeat steps (20) thru (22). If necessary, remove two oil strainers (36) and two sleeve bushings (37) from blower end plates (22 and 23). Remove two plugs (38) from top of blower end plate covers (22 and 23). If necessary, remove two dowel pins (39) from each end plate (22 or 23). Discard  dowel  pins. 4-238


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