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TM  9-2815-202-34 4-41.  BLOWER  REPAIR  (Cont) (17) (18) NOTE Top of front end pIate is identified by three bolt holes and one oil hole. Bottom of end plate has three bolt holes and three oil holes.  Dowel  pins  extend  from both sides of front end plate. The  horizontal  oil  passage  in  top of front end plate intersecting the vertical  oil  passages  is  plugged. Do not install this end plate on rear of blower housing. Mating  surfaces  between  blower end plates and blower housing must be flat and smooth. No gasket is used. Apply  light  coating  of  Form-A-Gasket sealant to mating surfaces of end plate and blower housing. Sealant must  not  protrude  into  housing. Position front end plate (23) on two wood  blocks,  finished  side  up.  Install (19) (20) (21) (22) 4-242 blower  housing  (29),  with  match marks alined, on two dowel pins (39). NOTE Right hand helix rotor is marked “GEAR END” on one end. Gear end of left hand rotor has serrated shaft. Place rotors (6 and 7) in mesh with missing teeth in rotor shafts in position and facing to left as viewed from gear end. For  replacement  lip-type  oil  seal  set only,  install  two  oversized  oil  seal pilots over underrated end of each shaft of rotors (6 and 7). Insert rotors (6 and 7) straight into housing (29) and through bores of front blower end plate (25). If installed, remove oversized oil seal pilots. For replacement lip-type seal set only, install two oversized oil seal pilots over serrated end of each shaft of rotors (6 and 7).


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