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TM  9-2815-202-34 NOTE (23) (24) (25) Mating  surfaces  between  blower  end  plates  and  blower  housing  must  be  flat  and smooth. No gasket is used. Apply light coating of Form A Gasket sealant to mating surfaces of end plate and blower housing.  Sealant  must  not  protrude  into  housing. Aline match marks on rear end plate (22) and blower housing (29). Install rear end plate with flat  finished  surface  towards  blower  housing.  Slide  end  plate  down  over  oil  seal  pilots.  Aline dowel pins (39) with holes in blower housing. Push end plate against blower housing. If installed,  remove  oil  seal  pilots. Install  two  screws  (28)  through  rear  end  plate  (22)  into  blower  housing  (29).  Invert  blower housing and install two screws through front end plate (23). Torque screws to 5-10 Ib-ft (7-14  N-m). CAUTION Check  relationship  of  blower  end  plates  to  blower  housing  on  the  bottom  face. Protrusion must not be more than 0.0005 above or 0.0065 inch below end plate. Excessive  protrusion  could  distort  blower  housing  when  end  plate  mounting  bolts  are tightened  and  could  cause  rotor  to  housing  contact. (26) Lubricate rear ball bearings (32) with light engine oil. Position two bearings, numbered end up, on rear end plate (22) and straight on shafts of rotors (6 and 7). (27) Place seal and rear bearing installer on top of rear ball bearings (32). Tap bearings straight and onto shafts of rotors (6 and 7) into rear end plate (22). NOTE Position  retainer  with  word  “OUT” away from end plate. (28) (29) Position  two  bearing  retainers  (21)  on rear end pIate (22). Install six bolts (19)  and  six  Iockwashers  (20).  Torque bolts to 7-9 Ib-ft (9-12 N-m). Invert blower housing (29). To install two front roller bearings (32) and two retainers (21) on front end plate (23), repeat steps (24) thru (26) using front bearing   installer. Place blower housing (29) in upright position with gear end up on two wood  blocks. NOTE Rotors must turn freely for proper assembly. 4-243


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