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TM   9-2815-202-34 NOTE (41) (42) When  different  shims  are  required,  always  remove  both  gears  from  rotors.  Placing  a 0.003-inch shim in back of a right hand helix rotor gear (11 ) will decrease (CC) clearance  0.001  inch. Remove blower gears (12 and 17) and install required thickness of shims in back of proper gear. Install gears and check clearance as outlined in steps (37) and (38). Check clearances at points (A) and (B). Insert feeler gages between end plates (22 and 23) and ends of rotors (6 and 7). Measure clearance for each lobe end (total of twelve). Minimum clearance at (A) is 0.007 inch and at (B) is 0.014 inch. 4-246


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