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TM9-2815-202-34 4-42.   GOVERNOR   REPAIR This  task  covers: a.  Disassembly b. Cleaning/Inspection c. Assembly INITIAL   SETUP MODELS 7083-7395 7083-7398 TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL  TOOLS General mechanics tool kit (App B, Item 96) Governor  cover  bushing  remover (App B, Item 78) Governor cover bearing installer (App B, Item 77) Governor  cover  bushing  installer (App B, Item 53) Torque wrench (App B, Item 101) MANDATORY  REPLACEMENT  PARTS 1 Seal ring (App F, Item 131) 1 Seal ring (App F, Item 132) 2 Lockwashers (App F, Item 92) 2 Gaskets (App F, Item 78) 1 Seal ring (App F,ltem 135) 1 Gasket (App F,ltem 82) 1 Key washer (App F, Item 165) 1  Expansion  plug  (App  F,  Item  113) EXPENDABLE/DURABLE   SUPPLIES Grease (App C, Item 22) Sealant (App C, Item 40) Engine oil (App C, Item 16) Cleaning  solvent  (App  C,  Item10) Bolt 5/1 6-24 x 3 (App C, Item 4) Sealant (App C, Item 38) EQUIPMENT   CONDITION Para   Description 4-17 Throttle control rods removed 4-18 Governor removed from blower a.   Disassembly l l NOTE Before  and  during  disassembly  of governor,  clean  entire  unit  and visually  inspect  for  worn  or damaged  parts  which  may  be repaired or replaced without complete   disassembly. If remote control levers are on governor  cover,  remove  prior  to disassembly  of  cover. (1) Remove eight bolts (1) securing governor cover (2) to governor (3). Remove cover and gasket (4). Discard  gasket. 4-248


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