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TM    9-2815-202-34 (1)  Clean  all  parts  with  dry  cleaning  solvent  and  dry  with  compressed  air.  Inspect  all  parts. (2)  Inspect  all  bearings  and  shafts  for  corrosion,  pitting,  rough  spots,  and  excessive  wear. (3) Inspect governor housing and cover for cracks, warpage, and damaged threads. (4)  Inspect  governor  weights  after  assembly  for  free  movement. c.   Assembly (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) For  model  7083-7395  only,  install starting  aid  screw  (93)  through  inside of  governor  housing  (3)  and  secure with  nut  (94)  on  outside  of  governor housing. If removed, install pin (66) in operating  lever  (68). Install  adjusting  screw  (92)  and locknut  (91)  in  operating  lever  (68). Coat  inside  diameter  of  operating shaft  upper  bearing  (90)  with  engine oil.  Using  an  arbor  press,  install  upper bearing (90), numbered side up, on large end of operating shaft (85). Using  an  arbor  press,  install operating lever (68), with pin (66) facing up, onto operating shaft (85), alining flat on lever with flat on shaft, until flush with operating shaft (85). Install spacer (89) onto operating shaft (85). Insert  end  of  governor  operating  shaft  (85),  bearing  (90),  spacer  (89),  and  operating  lever (68) through upper bearing bore in governor housing (3) with operating fork (88) facing rear of  governor  housing. Place governor housing (3) in arbor press with top facing down. Place a support (95) under operating shaft (85) and press operating fork (88) until spacer (89) does not move up or down. Lubricate operating lever bearing (90) with engine oil and seat bearing in governor housing (3). Install screw and washer assembly (83), and washer (84) to secure bearing. Lubricate lower bearing (86) with engine oil and start bearing into governor housing (3) on operating  shaft  (85). Place  a  7/16  inch  inside  diameter  sleeve  on  inner  race  of  lower  bearing  (86).  Using  arbor press, install bearing on operating shaft (85) until bearing seats on shoulder in governor housing  (3). 4-255


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