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(18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) TM9-2815-202-34 Install  locking  clip  (77)  and  screw  and  washer  assembly  (76)  securing  operating  lever  shaft (78)  in  governor  housing  (3).  Tighten  screw  and  washer  assembly. Install buffer screw (75) and locknut (74). Place  governor  housing  (3)  in  soft-jawed  vise. For  model  7083-7395  only,  assemble  pin  (73),  governor  link  (71),  and  link  (72)  together. Install two retainer clips (70) and two springs (69). If removed, install pin (62) into differential lever (67). Install differential lever (67), washer (65), and spring clip (64) on operating lever (68) with slot facing rear of governor housing (3). If  removed,  install  operating  lever  connecting  link  (63)  on  differential  lever  (67)  and  secure with washer (61 ) and retaining clip (60) to pin (62). Using  an  arbor  press  and  one-inch  inside  diameter  sleeve,  press  weight  shaft  (58)  into weight carrier (51 ) until shoulder of weight shaft is seated in carrier. NOTE When  installing  weights,  insure matchmarks  made  at  disassembly are  alined. (26) Lubricate outside diameter of needle bearing (57) with engine oil and inside  diameter  with  grease.  Using bearing  installer  tool  (55),  sleeve  (56), and  arbor  press,  install  needle bearing (57) into high speed weight (49). Repeat procedure for other high speed  weight. Maintain  0.004-0.012  inches clearance between carrier and low speed weight; otherwise, low speed weight will bind causing erratic operation  of  governor. (27) (28) (29) Install  retaining  clip  (52)  on  one  end of  weight  pin  (53).  Slide  weight  pin consecutively  through  weight  carrier (51 ), washer (54), high speed weight (49),  and  second  washer  (54).  Place low speed weight (50) in position and then insert a 0.004- 0.012-inch shim between low speed weight and carrier.  Press  pin  through  weight carrier  until  retaining  clip  bottoms against  carrier. Remove  shim  and  install  second retaining  clip  (52). Repeat steps (27) and (28) to install opposite  side  weights  in  carrier  (51). 4-257


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