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2-5. MALFUNCTION, PROCEDURES TM   9-2815-202-34 TEST   OR   INSPECTION,   AND   CORRECTIVE   ACTION MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE   ACTION 1. HARD   STARTING   OF   ENGINE ENGINE   WILL   NOT   ROTATE Step  l.  Inspect  starter  and  battery  connections  for  loose,  corroded,  or  broken  cables. a.  Tighten  Ioose  connections. b.  Clean  corroded  cables  and  terminals. c.  Replace  broken  or  frayed  cables. Step  2.  Check  batteries  for  low  or  no  voltage  (Refer  to  applicable  vehicle  type-20 maintenance manual for tests and services). CAUTION Do not rotate engine in a counterclockwise direction to avoid loosening the crankshaft bolt. Step  3.  Check  for  internal  seizure  by  slowly  turning  engine  clockwise  with  wrench  on crankshaft bolt at front of engine. If engine cannot be rotated one complete revolution,  internal  damage  is  indicated. Remove engine from vehicle to determine cause. END   OF   TEST 2. ENGINE   CRANKS   SLOWLY Step  1.  Check  batteries  (For  low  or  no  voltage,  refer  to  vehicle  type-20  maintenance manual for test and services). Step  2.  Check  starter  electrical  circuits  (Refer  to  vehicle  type-20  maintenance  manual  for starter operational tests). Step  3.  Check  for  proper  grade  of  oil  for  temperature  conditions  (Refer  to  applicable  vehicle LO for proper grade of oil). END   OF   TEST 2-3


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