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TM 9-2815-202-34 5-3.  EXHAUST  MANIFOLD  AND  TUBE  REPLACEMENT  (Cont) NOTE Position beveled washers with crown facing nut. Model 7083-7391 has five beveled washers and no end retainers. (5) Install three beveled washers (7), two end retainers (8), and five locking nuts (6) on right exhaust manifold studs (9). CAUTION (6) (7) (8) (9) Use care when sliding exhaust manifold down pass exhaust gasket so not to bend or damage gasket or exhaust leaks will result. NOTE Do not tighten or torque exhaust manifold nuts until crossover tube has been installed. • Insure locating pads on exhaust manifold rest on cylinder block locating pads. Install right exhaust manifold (4) onto cylinder head by sliding downward between gasket and retainers. Position two clamps (2) on crossover tube (3). Install exhaust crossover tube between exhaust manifolds (4 and 5). Secure exhaust manifolds (4 and 5) to crossover tube (3) with two clamps (2) and two nuts (1). Tighten  nuts. For model 7083-7396, torque five locking nuts (6) securing right exhaust manifold (4) to cylinder head to 30-35 Ib-ft (41-47 N-m) starting from center and working outward alternately toward either  end.  For  model  7083-7391, torque five locking nuts to 43-48 Ib-ft (59-67   N-m). - END OF TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE 5 - 2 3-14 3-12 3-10 Para Description Install  turbocharger Install  air  inlet  manifold Install turbocharger oil supply line Install turbocharger oil return line 5-8 Change 1


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