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TM   9-2815-202-34 5-27.   ENGINE   LOWER   FRONT   COVER   REPLACEMENT This  task  covers: a.  Removal b. Cleaning/Inspection c.  -Repair d.  Installation INITIAL    SETUP MODELS MANDATORY   REPLACEMENT   PARTS 7083-7391 7083-7396 7083-7399 TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL  TOOLS 1  Gasket  (App  F,ltem  42) 2 Lockwashers (App F,ltem 93) 6 Lockwashers (App F, Item 94) 6 Lockwashers (App F, Item 95) General mechanics tool kit (App B, Item 96) Torque wrench (App B, Item 101) Oil seal installer (App B, Item 50) Universal puller (App B, Item 71) Torque wrench (App B, Item 102) EXPENDABLE/DURABLE   SUPPLIES Grease  (App C, Item  22) Nonhardening sealant (App C, Item 38) Emery cloth (App C, Item 15) Crocus cloth (App C, Item 12) EQUIPMENT   CONDITION Para  Description 5-19  Oil  pan  removed a.   Removal NOTE Secure gear train in place to prevent  crankshaft  from  turning during  removal  of  front  crankshaft bolt. (1) Remove bolt (1) and spacer (2) from front  of  crankshaft. (2) Reinstall bolt (1) on crankshaft. (3) Attach universal puller (3) to vibration damper hub (4) with two long bolts threaded  into  tapped  holes  in  hub. CAUTION Do not pound or pry on vibration damper  during  removal.  Dents  in damper outer case may cause it to function   ineffectively.   Damper cannot  be  repaired. 5-28 Change 1


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