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TM  9-2815-202-34 5-27.  ENGINE  LOWER  FRONT  COVER b.   Cleaning/inspection REPLACEMENT   (Cont) l l (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) WARNING Dry  cleaning  solvent  P-D-680  is  toxic  and  flammable.  Wear  protective goggles  and  gloves  and  use  only  in  a  well-ventilated  area.  Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothes and don’t breathe vapors. Do not use  near  open  flame  or  excessive  heat.  The  flash  point  is  100oF-138°F (38oC-50oC).  If  you  become  dizzy  while  using  cleaning  solvent,  get fresh air immediately and get medical aid. If contact with eyes is made, wash  your  eyes  with  water  and  get  medical  aid  immediately. Compressed  air  used  for  cleaning  purposes  will  not  exceed  30  PSI. Use  only  with  effective  chip  guarding  and  personal  protective equipment  (goggles/shield,  gloves,  etc.). Clean front cover with dry cleaning solvent and dry with compressed air. Inspect front cover sealing and mating surfaces for cracks, nicks, and damage that would prevent  proper  sealing. Check inside of spacer and crankshaft for burrs and nicks. Clean up burrs using crocus cloth in  circular  motion. Inspect spacer ring for nicks or burrs that would prevent proper sealing. Inspect damper for dents, nicks, bulges or leakage in outer case. Replace damper  if any of above  conditions  are  present. NOTE Regardless  of  condition,  replace  damper  at  time  of  normal  periodic  major  engine overhaul. (6)  Inspect  inner  cone,  outer  cone,  and  damper  hub  for  galling  or  burrs.  Remove  sight  scratches or burrs with emery cloth. c.   Repair   (seal   replacement) (1) Support outer face of front cover (16) on  two  wooden  blocks  and  drive  seal (19) out of front cover. Discard seal. (2) Clean seal bore. NOTE if new oil seal is not precoated, apply nonhardening sealant to outer edge of metal casing. (3) Position seal (19) in front cover (16) with  seal  lip  pointed  toward  inner  face of  cover. 5-30


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