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TM   9-2815-202-34 2-5. MALFUNCTION,   TEST   OR   INSPECTION,   AND   CORRECTIVE   ACTION PROCEDURES   (Cont) MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE  ACTION 5. ENGINE   WILL   NOT   DELIVER   RATED   POWER Step 1. Check crankcase oil level. Fill as required. Step  2.  Check  for  cIogged/dirty  air  cleaner  system. Clean, repair, or replace as required. Step3. Check for improper engine adjustments (Refer to Paragraphs 8-4 thru 8-14). Step  4.  Check  governor  linkage  from  governor  to  fuel  rack  for  binding  or  damage  (Refer  to Para  8-7). Step  5.  Check  for  low  cylinder  compression  (Refer  to  Para  8-14). NOTE l Return  fuel  temperature  must  be  less  than  150oF  (66°C)  or  loss  of  horsepower  will occur. l A  power  decrease  of  0.6  to  4.0  horsepower  for  each  10°  temperature  rise  above 90oF (32oC) will occur. Step 6. Step 7. Check for high return fuel temperature. Inspect   turbocharger   for   damage. CAUTION Do not attempt to remove carbon build up on turbine wheel without  removing  turbocharger  from  engine.  Blades  of  wheel must  be  thoroughly  cleaned.  Chunks  of  carbon  left  on  blades could cause bearing failure. However, it is not necessary to disassemble  turbocharger  to  remove  dirt  and  dust  build  up. a. Remove  turbocharger  exhaust  pipe. 2-8


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