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TM  9-2815-202-34 5-37. CYLINDER HEAD REPAIR (Cont) NOTE Exhaust valve seat inserts are prefinished. Only check inserts for concentricity after installation. Grind inserts only if runout exceeds 0.002 inch. (g) Check exhaust  valve  seat  inserts  for concentricity in relation to valve guides using dial indicator (85). (6)  Valve  seat  insert  grinding Grinding inserts requires a valve seat grinder (86) and valve seat grinder adapter kit. Grind valve inserts as follows: CAUTION Do not permit grinding wheel to contact cylinder head when grinding insert. If an insert has been ground until grinding wheel contacts cylinder head, then instaIl new insert. (a) (b) (c) Apply 31 degree grinding wheel on valve seat insert. Grind throat of insert using 60 degree grinding wheel. Grind top surface of insert with 15 degree grinding wheel to narrow seat width to dimensions shown in figure. If required, adjust the 31 degree face (87) of insert relative to center of valve face (88) with 15 and 60 degree grinding wheels. 5-48 C h a n g e     1


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