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TM9-281-202-34 5-37. CYLINDER HEAD REPAIR  (Cont) CAUTION Turn reamer in clockwise direction only, both when inserting and when removing reamer. Movement in opposite direction will dull cutting edges on flutes. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Turn reamer (99) clockwise (withdraw reamer frequently to remove chips) until lower shoulder of reamer contacts injector tube (95). Clean out all chips. Rotate cylinder head to bottom side up position. Insert pilot of tube tip refinisher (100) small hole of injector tube (95). Apply few drops of cutting oil on refinisher (100). Using a socket and speed handle, remove excess stock so lower end of injector tube is from flush to 0.005 inch below finished surface of cylinder head. into Install gage (101) in injector tube. Using dial indicator gage (102), premeasure distance from fire deck to gage. Reading must be within +/- 0.014 inch of fire deck. Wash interior of injector tube (95) to prepare for second reaming operation. 5 - 5 4 C   h   a   n   g   e    1


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