Quantcast Assembly (cont) - TM-9-2815-202-34_435

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TM   9-2815-202-34 (6.1) (7) (8) For model 7083-7391, install thirteen pipe plugs (55) in inboard side and ends of right cylinder head and fourteen pipe plugs (55) in  left  cylinder  head. Install two each of pipe plugs (50 and 51) in ends of cylinder head. Plugs must be flush to 0.18 inch below surface. l l NOTE Model 7083-7396 has restrictive fitting on rear inboard side of left cylinder  head. Model 7083-7399 has restrictive fitting on rear inboard side of right cylinder  head. Model 7083-7391 has restrictive fitting on front of right cylinder head. 50 Install restrictive fitting (54) in cylinder head. (8.1) For model 7083-7391, install fitting (54.1) in restrictive fitting (54) at fornt of right cylinder head. C h a n g e     1 5-57


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