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TM 9-281-202-34 5-37.  CYLINDER  HEAD  REPAIR  (Cont) NOTE Injector  rocker  arm  is  different  than  exhaust  valve  rocker  arms.  Boss  for  rocker  arm shaft on right and left hand valve rocker arms is longer on one side. Extended boss of each rocker arm must face toward injector rocker arm. If a new rocker arm is installed, also install a new push rod. Refer  to  Chapter  8  for  push  rod  locknut  adjustment  during  engine  tune-up. (26)   Thread each rocker arm (11 ) on its push rod (16) until end of push rod is flush with inner side of clevis yoke. (27) Adjust  valve  bridges  after  cylinder head  disassembly  or  extended  engine operation. Adjust  bridges  as  follows: Do not loosen or tighten locknut with bridge  installed  in  cylinder  head.  Bent bridge guide or rear valve stem may result. (a) Place valve bridge (17) in a vise or bridge  holding  fixture  and  loosen locknut  (105)  on  bridge  adjusting (106). screw 5-62 Change   1


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