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TM  9-2815-202-34 5-41. GOVERNOR   REPAIR (Cont) CAUTION Maintain 0.004- 0.012-inch clearance between carrier and low speed weight; otherwise,  low  speed  weight  will  bind  causing  erratic  operation  of  governor. (27)    Install retaining clip (45) on one end of weight pin (46). Slide weight pin through weight carrier (44), washer (47), and high speed weight (42). Place low speed weight (43) in position,  insert  a  0.004  -  0.012-inch  shim  between  low  speed  weight  and  weight  carrier while  pressing  weight  pin  through  weight  carrier.  Press  until  retaining  clip  bottoms  against carrier. (28) (29) Remove shim and install second retaining clip (45). Repeat steps (27) and (28) to install opposite side weights in carrier (44). (30) Install   riser   (41)   on   weight   carrier shaft   (38). NOTE Incorrect  installation  of  riser  thrust bearing will result in erratic operation  of  governor. (31) (32) (33) (34) Install riser bearing (40) with smaller inside diameter against riser (41) on weight carrier shaft (38). Insert weight carrier assembly (35) in governor housing (3). Support splined  end  of  shaft  and  governor housing on arbor press bed. Place weight carrier bearing (39) in governor  housing  (3)  with  number side up. Place a 0.5-inch diameter sleeve on top of inner race of weight carrier bearing (39) and press into governor housing (3) and against shoulder on carrier shaft (38). Clamp spline end of weight shaft (38) in  soft-jawed  vise. 5-72


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