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TM9-2815-202-34 5.1-8. (9) (10) GLOW  PLUG  CONTROLLER  AND  HARNESSES  REMOVAL/INSTALLATION  (Cont) Attach plug connection end of glow plug power harness (5) to left side connector on glow plug controller (8). Tighten securely. Attach glow plug power harness (5) to left side rear of flywheel housing (7) by securing clip (4) to bolt (6) with flat washer (3), Iockwasher (2), and nut (1). Torque nut to 25-30 Ib-ft (34-41 N-m). END OF TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para Description 3-8 Connect glow plug power harness to starter 5.1-9. ENGINE  ROCKER  ARM  COVER  AND  CRANKCASE  BREATHER REPLACEMENT (See Para 4-11) 5.1-10. FUEL PUMP REPLACEMENT (See Para 4-12) 5-86 C  h  a  n  g  e      1


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