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(7) (8) (9) (10) (11) TM  9-2815-202-34 CAUTION Do not cock or force piston rings (21) into grooves. Rings are brittle and will snap easily. Install  two  piston  rings  (21  )  on  thrust  spacer  (20). Lubricate thrust spacer (20) and piston rings (21 ) with engine oil. Gently insert thrust spacer with rings into bore in backplate (5). Aline oil feed hole in center housing (2) and backplate assembly (5). Attach backplate to center housing with four bolts (1 8). Torque bolts to 110-130 lb-in (12.4 -14.7 N-m) CAUTION Do not cock or force piston ring (17) into groove. Ring is brittle and will snap easily. NOTE Piston ring (17) is used on some turbochargers. If there is no groove in shaft (1 3), ring is not required. Fill piston ring groove with high vacuum silicone lubricant and install piston ring (17) on wheel shaft assembly (13). CAUTION Do not scuff or scratch bearings when  installing  shaft  or  bearing will seize during operation. Lubricate turbine wheel shaft assembly (13) with engine oil. Position wheel shroud (16) against center housing (2). Insert turbine wheel shaft assembly through wheel shroud and into center housing. Change  1 5-99


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