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TM  9-2815-202-34 2-5. MALFUNCTION,  TEST  OR  INSPECTION,  AND  CORRECTIVE  ACTION PROCEDURES   (Cont) MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE  ACTION 10. WHITE  EXHAUST  SMOKE Step 1. Check for malfunctioning injectors. a. Remove rocker arm covers. WARNING Protective fan screens must be Installed prior to doing maintenance  In  the  engine  compartment  when  engine is running or when engine is in ground hop mode. Contact  with rotating fan  can  cause  injury  (reference FM   21-11). b. Start engine. NOTE if  injector  is  malfunctioning  ,there  will  be  no  noticeable difference in sound and operation of engine. c. Hold fuel injector follower down with a screwdriver with engine idling to prevent operation of injector. lf necessary, replace faulty injector (Refer to Para  4-38). d. Install rocker arm covers. Step  2.  Check  for  low  cylinder  compression  (Refer  to  Para  8-14). Step  3.  Check  for  sticking  exhaust  valves. a.  Remove  rocker  arm  cover  and  check  for  damaged  or  sticking  exhaust  valves. b.  Check  for  correct  exhaust  valve  clearance  (Refer  to  Para  8-4). END  OF  TEST 2-14


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