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TM 9-2815-202-34 (19) Check bearing axial end play as follows: (a)  Clamp  center  housing  assembly  in soft-jawed  vise. (b)  Fasten  magnetic  base  dial  indicator (20) (21) (22) (32) to center housing with indicator tip resting on end of rotating shaft on compressor side. (c) Move shaft axially back and forth by hand. Total indicator reading should be between 0.003 and 0.010 inch. Repair or replace shaft assembly if readings do not fall within limits. Install turbine housing (3) on center housing (2) and align match marks. Install V-band coupling (12) on turbine housing (3) and center housing (2) so T-bolt end does not interfere with turbine housing. Apply antiseize compound to threads on T-bolt and tighten nut to 160 lb-in (18 N-m). Loosen to 50 lb-in (5.6 N-m) and retorque to 152-168 lb-in (17.2-19.0 N-m). Check shaft radial movement as follows: (a) (b) Position magnetic base dial indicator (32) on flat surface of turbine housing  inlet  flange. Insert dial indicator tip extension rod into oil drain hole with rod touching shaft and perpendicular. NOTE Insure   adaptor   rod   does   not contact  sides  of  center  housing  or readings  are  invalid. (c) Grasp  ends  of  rotating  assembly and apply equal pressure at each end, moving rotating shaft toward and away from dial indicator. Crosswise movement must be between 0.003 and 0.007 inch. C h a n g e     15-101


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