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TM   9-2815-202-34 Section   I.   INTRODUCTION 6-1. GENERAL. This chapter provides the repair procedures performed on engine model  7083- 7398  after  the  engine  has  been  installed  on  the  maintenance  stand.  Component  replacement typically  consists  of  removal,  disassembly,  cleaning/inspection,  repair,  assembly,  and  installation  of the  component.  Next,  the  engine  block  maintenance  consists  of  disassembly,  inspection,  repair,  and assembly  of  the  block  components.  For  major  components,  the  repair  is  handled  separately  from removal  and  installation.  Component  repair  usually  consists  of  disassembly,  cleaning/inspection,  and assembly. This  chapter  deals  with  engine  model  7083-7398.  However,  if  a  model  in  previous  chapters  has identical or nearly identical components, this chapter will refer to the previous chapter. If a model in the  subsequent  chapter  has  identical  or  nearly  identical  components,  this  chapter  also  covers  that model. A 6-2


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