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TM   9-2815-202-34 2-5. MALFUNCTION,   TEST   OR   INSPECTION,   AND   CORRECTIVE   ACTION PROCEDURES   (Cont) MALFUNCTION TEST  OR  INSPECTION CORRECTIVE  ACTION AIR   INTAKE   SYSTEM (TURBOCHARGER) 12. EXCESSIVE   TURBOCHARGER   NOISE   OR   VIBRATION Step 1. Check for improper clearance between turbine wheel and housing. a. Remove vehicle exhaust pipe. b. Inspect turbine wheel and housing for nicks, cracks, or contact between wheel and housing. c. Replace turbocharger assembly if damaged (Refer to Paragraphs 4-2,5-2, 5.1-2,6-3,  or  7-3  for  appropriate  engine  model). d. Install vehicle exhaust pipe. Step 2. Check for leaks in air intake or exhaust manifold. a.  Tighten  loose  connections. b.  Replace  leaking  gaskets. END  OF  TEST 2-16 C h a n g e     1


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