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TM9-2815-202-34 (2) Remove two nuts (2), cap (3), and lower bearing shell (4) from piston and  connecting  rod  assembly  (5). NOTE Tag  piston  assembly  with  cylinder number  for  matching  during reassembly. (3) Push  piston  and  connecting  rod assembly (5) out through top of cylinder  block  (6). NOTE Reassemble  cap  with  stamped number  on  same  side  as  connecting rod to assure cap is not rotated 180 degrees. (4) Reassemble bearing cap (3) and lower  bearing  shell  (4)  to  piston  and connecting  rod  assembly  (5)  using two  nuts  (2). b.  Disassembly (1) Secure piston and connecting rod assembly (5) in a soft-jawed vise and remove piston rings (7) with piston ring  pliers  (8).  Discard  piston  rings. CAUTiON (2) (3) (4) Do  not  damage  piston  or  bushings during  removal  of  piston  pin retainers. Punch a hole through center of one piston  pin  retainer  (9)  with  narrow chisel or punch and pry retainer from piston  (10).  Discard  retainer. Withdraw piston pin (11 ) from piston (1 0) and remove connecting rod assembly  (12). Drive remaining piston pin retainer (9) out from inside with a brass rod. Discard  retainer. 6-31


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