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(b) TM9-2815-202-34 Examine piston for score marks, cracks, damaged ring grooves, loss of tin plating, or indications  of  overheating.  Using  a  crocus  cloth,  remove  light  score  marks  from  piston. Replace  any  piston  severely  scored  or  overheated.  Discard  piston  if  cracks  are  found across  internal  struts. (2) Piston Pin CAUTION Do  not  polish  or  refinish  piston  pin.  Hand  polishing  will  destroy  precision  finish required against bushing and result in rapid bushing wear. (a) (b) Inspect piston pin for signs of fretting. Discard pin if fretting is present. Measure  piston  pin  diameter.  New  pin  must  be  1.4996  to  1.5000  inches  in  diameter. Replace used pin if diameter is 1.4980 inches or less. 6-33


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