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TABLE 6-1. TM9-2815-202-34 (9) When installing a new connecting rod  assembly,  stamp  cylinder number  on  connecting  rod  (5) and cap (3). (4)  Connecting  Rod  Bearings (a) (b) If one Inspect  bearing  shells  for  scoring, pitting,  flaking,  etching,  and  dirt grooving.  If  defective,  discard bearing  shells. Discard  bearing  shells  with  bright spots  on  backs  indicating movement  in  bearing  caps  or supports. NOTE bearing shell is less than minimum  thickness  shown  in  Table 6-1,   replace   both   bearing   shells (upper-and  lower). (c) Using a micrometer and ball attachment,  measure  thickness  of lower bearing shell (4) and upper bearing shell (13) at point “C”, 90 degrees  from  parting  line. e. Fitting  Piston NOTE Fit new or used piston to corresponding cylinder liner and retain as matched set for assembly in  engine. (1) Using a micrometer, measure piston skirt outside diameter parallel  to and perpendicular with piston pin bore at room  temperature,  70oF (21 oC). Diameter must be 4.2428 to 4.2450 inches. Taper and out of round must not  exceed  0.0005  inch. 6-35


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