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TM9-2815-202-34 (3) Using feeler gage, measure ring side clearance. Refer to Table 6-2 for ring side  clearance  specifications. g. Assembly (1) Connecting Rod Assembly to Piston (a) Apply clean engine oil to piston pin  and  piston  pin  bushings. Do not drive piston pin retainer in too far. Retainer may move piston bushing inward and result in reduce piston  pin  end  clearance. (b) Insert one piston pin retainer (9) in  position.  Then  place  crowned end  of  installer  (14)  against retainer  and  strike  installer  just hard  enough  to  deflect  retainer and seat it evenly in piston (10). NOTE Since loading on the piston pin is downward,  it  must  have  free movement  to  secure  perfect alinement  and  uniform  wear. Therefore, the piston pin has a full floating  fit  in  connecting  rod  and piston  bushings.  Large  clearances of  0.010  inch  maximum  are  allowed. (c) (d) (e) Place  upper  end  of  connecting rod  assembly  (12)  between piston  pin  bosses  and  in  line  with piston  pin  holes.  Then  slide piston pin (11) in place. Install  second  piston  pin  retainer (9) as directed in step (b). Check  for  piston  pin  end clearance  by  cocking  connecting rod and shifting pin in bushings. 6-37


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