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TM9-2815-202-34 6-34.   PISTON   AND   CONNECTING   ROD   MAINTENANCE   (TRUNK   TYPE)   (Cont) NOTE Tang on bearing shell must fit in indentation  on  connecting  rod. (3)    Install upper bearing shell (13) (without  continuous  oil  groove)  in connecting  rod.  Lubricate  bearing shell with clean engine oil. NOTE Distance from vertical center line of connecting rod bolts to edges of rod are  not  equal.  Therefore,  when installing  piston  and  connecting  rod assembly,  insure  narrow  side  of  two adjoining connecting rods are together to avoid cocking of rod. (4) I (5) (6) Position  piston,  rod,  and  liner assembly  (27)  above  cylinder  block bore.  Aline  identification  number  and letter on rod with outer edge of cylinder  block  and  matchmarks  on liner. Guide end of connecting rod assembly  (12)  through  block  bore carefully  to  avoid  damaging  or dislodging bearing shell. Then slide piston,  rod,  and  liner  assembly straight  into  block  bore  until  liner flange  rests  against  insert  in  block counterbore (6). Push  piston  and  connecting  rod  into liner until upper bearing shell seats firmly  on  crankshaft  journal. Place lower bearing shell (4) (with continuous  oil  groove)  in  connecting rod  cap  (3). NOTE Tang on bearing shell must fit in indentation in connection rod cap. Insure connecting rod bolt has not  turned  in  connecting  rod before  torquing  nut. - 6-42


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