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TM9-2815-202-34 Section 6-38.  TURBOCHARGER  REPAIR This  task  covers: a.  Disassembly d.  Assembly IV.  COMPONENT   REPAIR b.  Cleaning c. Inspection INITIAL   SETUP MODELS 7083-7398 7083-7399 TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL TOOLS General mechanics tool kit (App B, Item 96) Torque  wrench  (App  B,  Item  101) Magnetic base dial indicator (App B, Item 45) Turbocharger  holding  fixture  (App  D,  Item  8) Micrometer depth gage (App B, Item 23) Sleeve (App D, Item 12) Back plate torquing tool (App D, Item 9) Torque  wrench,  (App  B,  Item  100) MANDATORY   REPLACEMENT   PARTS EXPENDABLE/DURABLE    SUPPLIES Engine oil (App C, Item 16) Cleaning solvent (App C, Item 10) Crocus cloth (App C, Item 12) Silicone carbide cloth (App C, Item 41) Silicone lubricant (App C, Item 42) Sealing  compound  (App  C,  Item  40) Sealant   (App   C,   Item   39) EQUIPMENT   CONDITION Para  Description 6-2 Turbocharger   removed Lockwashers (App F, Item 93) Gasket (App F, Item 21 ) Gasket (App F, Item 60) Locking plates (App F, Item 111) Gaskets (App F, Item 20) Locking plates (App F, Item 11O) Piston ring (App F, Item 128) Seal ring (App F, Item 139) Gasket (App F, Item 76) Bearings (App F, Item 1) Snap ring (App F, Item 143) Locking nut (App F, Item 187) a.   Disassembly (1) Remove oil inlet elbow (1) from cover plate(2). (2) Remove two bolts (3) and two Iockwashers (4) securing cover plate (2) to turbocharger assembly  (5).  Remove  cover  plate  and  gasket  (6).  Discard  gasket  and  Iockwashers. (3) Remove two bolts (7) and two Iockwashers (8) securing oil drain tube (9) to turbocharger assembly  (5).  Remove  drain  tube  and  gasket  (10).  Discard  Iockwashers  and  gasket. CAUTION Do  not  nick  compressor  and  turbine  wheels  when  removing  compressor  and  turbine housings. These wheels are highly balanced and can become unbalanced by small nicks. 6-44Change  1


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