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TM  9-2815-202-34 NOTE Mark relative position of compressor housing  (11),  center  housing assembly  (12),  and  turbine  housing (13) with a scribe to insure assembly in same location. (4)  Remove  twelve  bolts  (14)  securing compressor  housing  (11)  to  center housing  assembly  (12).  Remove compressor  housing. NOTE Mark location of lifting bracket (15) to insure assembly in same location. (5) Bend locking plates (16) away from nuts (17). Remove eight nuts, four locking plates, and lifting bracket (15). Discard locking plates. Remove  turbine  housing  (13)  and shims (18). Remove three nuts (19), three gaskets (20), and three bolts (21) securing turbine nozzle (22) to turbine housing (13). Remove turbine nozzle and (6) (7) discard gaskets. NOTE Mark location of two long studs (23) to  insure  assembly  in  same  location. (8)  If  necessary,  remove  two  studs  (23) and six studs (24). (9) Remove four nuts (25) and four Iockwashers  (26)  securing  diffuser (27) to center housing assembly (12). 6-45


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