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TM    9-2815-202-34 6-38.   TURBOCHARGER   REPAIR   (Cont) (20)  Heat  impeller  (32)  temperature  of 350-375°F (177-191oC) for 10 minutes  maximum. (21) Install  impeller (32) on rotor assembly (31) CAUTION Use a wrench with a double- universal  joint  to  tighten  impeller nut. A fixed wrench or ratchet can side  load  rotor  assembly  and  bend shaft. (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) While  impeller  (32)  is  still  hot,  install washer (30) and nut (29). Torque nut to 30-35 Ib-ft (41-47 N-m). After impeller (32) has cooled to less than 150oF (66°C), torque nut (29) to 40-45 Ib-ft (54-61 N-m). Apply thin coat of sealing compound to diffuser  face  (27)  mating  with  compressor housing  (11).  Apply  sealing  compound around  bolt  holes  in  compressor  housing. Install  compressor  housing  (11)  on diffuser (27). Aline scribe marks on compressor  housing  and  center  housing, Secure  compressor  housing  (11)  in  place with twelve bolts (14). Torque bolts to 150-200  lb-in  (17-22.6  N-m). NOTE Nozzle  bolts  are  not  symmetrical, Sides of bolt heads must press firmly against  nozzle. If the bottom of any bolt head contacts the turbine housing, rotate that bolt 180 degrees. (27) Install nozzle (22) in turbine housing (13) and secure with three bolts (21), three gaskets (20), and three nuts (19). Torque nuts to 35-45 lb-in (4-5.1 N-m). (28) If removed, install studs (23 and 24) into original locations as marked. (29) Place shims (18) over studs (23 and 24) in turbine housing (13). NOTE Aline  scribe  marks  on  center  housing  assembly  and  turbine  housing. (30) Place turbine housing (13) on center housing assembly (12). (31) Place lifting bracket (15) over studs (23) where marked. 6-52


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