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7-3.  TURBOCHARGER REMOVAL/lNSTALLATION CAUTION (Cont) TM9-2815-202-34 Turbocharger is heavy. Use two persons or lifting device to prevent dropping or damage  to  turbocharger. Tape  all  openings  of  turbocharger  after  removal  to  keep  foreign  particles  from entering and damaging turbocharger blades. (3)  Remove  turbocharger  (6)  and  gasket  (8).  Discard  gasket. (4) Remove hose (2) and two clamps (1) from air inlet housing (3). b.   Inspection (1)  Inspect  hoses  for  cuts,  cracks,  and  brittleness. (2) Replace all parts failing inspection. c.   Installation (1) Install hose (2) and two clamps (1) on air inlet housing (3). (2)  Install  gasket  (8)  over  studs  (5)  on  exhaust  manifold  (7). 7-4


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