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TM    9-2815-202-34 (8) (9) (10) 6 LEFT  SIDE Install  right  exhaust  manifold  (4)  onto  cylinder  head  by  sliding  downward  between  gasket and  retainers  and  beveled  washers. Install exhaust crossover tube (3) between exhaust manifold (4) and adaptor (5). Position two clamps (2) on crossover tube (3). Torque five locking nuts (7), securing right exhaust manifold (4) to cylinder head, to 30-35 Ib-ft (41-47 N-m) starting from center and working outward alternately toward either end. Install two nuts (1) on two clamps (2) and tighten nuts. END   OF   TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para   Description 7-3 Install  turbocharger 7-2 Install  turbocharger  regulator 3-15  Install  air  inlet  manifold 3-13  Install  turbocharger  oil  supply  line 3-10  Install  turbocharger  oil  return  line Change 1 7-9


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