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TM  9-2815-202-34 SECTION  Il.  ENGINE  PREPARATION 8-2.  ENGINE  PREPARATION  FOR  START-UP This task covers: a.  Priming  Fuel  System b. Prelubrication of Oil Gallery (with Pressure Lubricator) c. Prelubrication of Oil Gallery (without Pressure Lubricator) d.  Prelubrication  of  Turbocharger e. Initial Start-up INITIAL   SETUP MODELS TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL  TOOLS . All General mechanics tool kit (App B, Item 96) l a.  Priming  Fuel  System (1) (2) NOTE Prime and/or purge engine fuel system after any major repair or overhaul. Block or disconnect line from fuel pump. Apply fuel under pressure, 60-80 PSI (41 3-552 kPa), to inlet on secondary filter with external fuel source. Allow fuel to flow freely from fuel return line until a steady stream without air bubbles  is  observed. CAUTION Prelubricate  any  stored  or  repaired  engine  prior  to  start-up.  Oil  gallery  and  associated components  will  have  insufficient  oil  during  the  time  lag  following  start-up.  Bearing damage  from  lack  of  lubrication  could  result. b.  Prelubrication  of  Oil  Gallery  (With (1) Remove plug from engine main oil (2) Remove rocker arm covers. Pressure Lubricator) gallery  and  attach  lubricator  hose. (3) Pump in lubricating oil until oil flows from rocker arms. 8-2 Change  1


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