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TM9-2815-202-34 g. h. i. NOTE Proper  adjustment  is  when  rotating injector timing gage wipes a thin even film of oil on injector follower behind flat of injector timing gage. Rotate injector timing gage (4). Flat of timing gage should wipe oil from follower (3). Adjust  injector  timing  as  follows: (1) Hold fuel injector push rod (8) in position  and  loosen  locknut  (9). NOTE Turn  push  rod  in  clockwise  direction (as viewed from above) to lower fuel injector follower. Turn push rod in counterclockwise  direction  to  raise fuel  injector  follower. (2) (3) Turn push rod (8) to adjust fuel rocker arm (10) until top of follower (3) is flush with flat of gage  (4). Hold push rod (8) and tighten locknut  (9). Recheck  injector  timing  adjustment,  repeat steps c thru e. If adjustment is needed, repeat steps c thru f. Time  remaing  seven  fuel  injectors  as outlined in stess a thru h above. END OF TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para  Description 4-11 Install rocker arm covers C h a n g e     18-9


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