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T M 9 - 2 8 1 5 - 2 0 2 - 3 4 c. e. f. g. l l l WARNING Avoid contact with hot manifolds,  pulleys,  and other moving parts to avoid personal  injury. Wear  proper  ear  protection when  running  engine.  Noise volume  of  engine  can  cause hearing loss or injury. Protective  turbocharger  air inlet shield must be installed prior to doing maintenance  when  engine  is running  and  air  inlet  has been  removed.  Contact  with rotating  blades  will  cause injury to personnel. CAUTION Run engine in clean area when air intake ducting is removed. Dirt, dust, and  particles  in  unfiltered  air  can enter  engine  and  damage  parts  or cause  mechanical  failure. NOTE Start and operate engine to attain a coolant  operating  temperature  of 160-185°F  (71.1-85.0oC)  before adjusting  governor  gap. For  models  7083-7395  and  7083-7398, remove two bolts (6), two Iockwashers (7), access  cover  (8),  and  spring  housing  (9) from  governor  housing.  Discard  two gaskets (1O) and Iockwashers. For models 7083-7391, 7083-7396, and 7083-7399, remove two bolts (11 ) and two flat washers (12) from access cover (13). Remove cover and gasket (14) from governor housing. Discard gasket. Hold buffer screw locknut (15) and back out buffer screw (16) until it extends 0.63 inch from  locknut.  Snug  locknut  to  governor housing  (17). Hold  idle  speed  screw  (18)  and  loosen  idle screw  locknut  (19).  Adjust  idle  speed  screw to obtain idle speed of 625+/-25 RPM. Hold idle  speed  screw  and  tighten  locknut. Stop  engine  using  engine  stop  lever  (20). C h a n g e    1 8-11


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