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TM9-2815-202-34 8-6.  GOVERNOR   GAP   ADJUSTMENT h. n i. j. For all models except 7083-7391.  remove (Cont) two bolts (21) and two lockwashers-(22) securing bracket (23) to support (24). For all models except 7083-7391, remove two screws (25) and four flat washers (26) and move bracket (23) away from governor cover (27). For all models except 7083-7391, remove remaining  six  screws  (25)  from  governor cover (27). For model 7083-7391, remove eight screws (25) from governor cover. Remove cover and gasket (28). Discard gasket. WARNING Avoid contact with hot manifolds,  pulleys,  and other moving parts to avoid personal  injury. Wear  proper  ear  protection when  running  engine.  Noise volume  of  engine  can  cause hearing  loss  or  injury. Protective  turbocharger  air inlet shield must be installed  prior  to  doing maintenance  when  engine  is running  and  air  inlet  has been  removed.  Contact  with rotating  blades  will  cause injury  to  personnel. 8-12 Change 1


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