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TM9-2815-202-34 8-6.  GOVERNOR   GAP   ADJUSTMENT   (Cont) Aline shaft (36) in governor cover (27) with differential  lever (29) inside governor housing  (17). Position gasket (28) and governor cover (27) on governor assembly (17).  For all models except 7083-7391, secure with six screws (25). For model 7083-7391, secure with  eight  screws  (25). For  all  models  except  7083-7391,  place bracket (23) on governor cover (28) and secure with two remaining screws (25) and four  flat  washers  (26). NOTE Models  7083-7398  and  7083-7399 have a fuel line clamp under rear bolt (21). For all models  except  7083-7391,  secure bracket (23) to support (24) with two bolts (21 ) and two Iockwashers (22). CAUTION Before  starting  engine,  insure injector racks move to NO  FUEL position  using  governor  stop  lever. Engine  overspeed  could  result  in engine  damage. 8-14C h a n g e    1


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