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TM9-2815=202-34 8-7.  FUEL   INJECTOR   CONTROL   LEVER   ADJUSTMENT This taskcovers:   Adjustment l INITIAL   SETUP EQUIPMENT   CONDITION MODELS Para  Description ,  All 4-11 Rocker arm covers removed 8-6 Throttle delav  disconnected 18-6 TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL  TOOLS 8-6 General mechanics tool kit  (App B, Item 96) 8-6 8-6 MANDATORY   REPLACEMENT   PARTS (7083-7395  and  7083-7396) Starting aid screw backed out (7083-7391,  7083-7395,  and  7083-7396) Governor  spring  housing  removed l (Dual range limiting speed governor) Governor  spring  housing  removed (Limiting  speed  governor) Buffer screw backed out 2 Cotter pins (App F, Item 7) Adjustment LEFT BANK . l l NOTE To  ensure  proper  injector  control rack  adjustment,  adjust  injector control racks with yield link and governor  cover  used  with governor. Letter “R” or “L” indicates injector location, right or left bank, as viewed from rear of engine. Cylinder numbers start at front of each bank. HF”NT Adjust No. 1 L injector control l lever first to establish a guide for adjusting remaining injector control   levers. l A  false  fuel  injector  rack  setting may result if idle speed adjusting screw is not backed out. a. Loosen and hold locknut (1). Turn idle speed adjusting screw (2) until 0.5 inch of threads  project  from  locknut. CAUTION \ b I u RIGHT BANK FIRING ORDER RH.1L.3R.3L.4R.4  L.2R.2L.1R n Cover oil drain hole in cylinder head with clean rag to prevent cotter pin and clevis pin from  falling  into  engine. 8-16 Change  1


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