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TM9-2815-202-34 8-8   THROTTLE   DELAY   ADJUSTMENT This taskcovers:   Adjustment INITIAL   SETUP MODELS 7083-7395 7083-7396 TOOLSANDSPECIAL   TOOLS General mechanics tool kit  (App B, Item 96) Throttle delay gage  (App B, Item 37) Throttle delay gage pin  (App B, Item 22) EQUIPMENT   CONDITION Para   Description 4-11  Rocker  arm  covers  removed 8-7 Bufferscrew  backed out 8-6 Throttle  delay  disconnected 8-6 Starting  aid  screw  backed  out 8-6 Governor  spring  housing  cover removed Adjustment NOTE To  provide  adequate  Lubrication  of  mechanical  components,  fill  throttle  delay  reservoir with clean engine oil. The oil reservoir does not haveto remain full during adjustment procedure. a. b. c. d. e. Insert throttle delay timing gage (1) on rack between injector body (2) and shoulder of injector rack clevis  (3) on 2R injector. Secure throttle  Iever (4) in maximum fuel position to put injector rack (5) against throttle delay timing  gage  (1). Insert 0.069 inch end of throttle delay pin gage (6) into throttle delay cylinder fill hole (7). Push throttle delay link (8) until piston (9) contacts pin gage (6). CAUTION Do not overtighten  two  U-bolt  nuts.  Damage  to  injector  control  tube  or  U-bolt  clamp could  result. NOTE If either U-bolt nut is tightened without pin gage being inserted, recheck the setting. Loosen two U-bolt nuts (1 O). Apply light pressure on delay link (8) towards pin gage (6). Tighten two U-bolt nuts equally. Remove pin gage (6). 8-20


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