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TM9-2815-202-34 8-9.  ADJUST   STARTING   AID   SCREW   ADJUSTMENT This taskcovers:   Adjustment INITIAL   SETUP MODELS I 7083-7391 7083-7395 TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL EQUIPMENT   CONDITION 7083-7396 Para   Description 4-11 Rocker arm covers removed TOOLS General mechanic tool kit  (App B, Item 96) Injector rack gage  (App B, Item 33) Adjustment NOTE Perform  starting  aid  screw  adjustment  with  engine  shutdown. a. Position shutdown lever (1) in RUN position and throttle lever (2) in IDLE position. NOTE Increase  injector  rack  clevis  to  body  clearance  by  turning  starting  aid  screw  against governor  gap  adjusting  screw  or  reduce  by  backing  it  out. b. Hold starting aid screw (3) and loosen locknut (4). Position 0.385 inch gage (5) between 1 R shoulder of injector rack  clevis (6) and injector body (7) so that gage stays at about a 60 degree slant  without  being  held.  Adjust  starting  aid  screw  until  gage  falls  over  from  its  own  weight. c. Hold starting aid screw (3) and tighten locknut (4). NOTE Movement  of  speed  control  lever  is  to  take  up  clearance  in  governor  linkage. l l l a 8-22 Change 1


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