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TM 9-2815 -202-34 NOTE l If necessary use buffer screw to eliminate engine speed roll. Back out buffer screw after engine idle speed is established. e d. Check engine idle speed RPM. if adjustment is needed, repeat steps a and b. e. Stop engine. l l . . END   OF   TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para  Description 4-11  Install  rocker  arm  covers. I 8-11  Install  governor  spring  housing  (Dual l range limiting speed governor) (7083-7395 and 7083-7398). I 8-12  Install  governor  spring  housing  (Limiting speed governor) (7083-7391, 7083-7396, and  7083-7399). l 8-13  Adjust  buffer  screw. Change  1 8-25


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