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TM   9-2815   -202-34 8-14.   CYLINDER   COMPRESSION   TEST   (Cent) 11 / j. k. 1. m. n. o. P. Stop  engine.  Move  governor  control  lever (1) to NO-FUEL position. Remove spare fuel line (17), remove two rocker arm shaft bolts (4) and swing rocker arms  (5)  away  from  pressure  gage  adaptor (15). Remove bolt (1 1), convex washer (12), clamp (13), cylinder tester (16), and cylinder  adapter  (15). Aline dowel (20) on injector (14) with locating  hole  in  cylinder  head.  Install injector in injector tube. Install clamp (13), convex washer (12), and bolt (11) with convex side of washer facing clamp (13). Torque bolt to 20-25  Ib-ft (27-34 N-m). Position rocker arms (5) over injector and valves. Install two rocker arm shaft bolts (4). Torque bolts to 90-100  Ib-ft  (122-136  N-m). Slide injector control tube lever (8) into injector  rack  (1  O). CAUTION . “1 Do not bend fuel lines and do not exceed  specified  torque  on  fuel line  nuts.  Excessive  tightening will twist or fracture flared end of fuel line and result in leaks. Never reuse fuel lines regardless of their appearance. Always use new fuel lines. Reused fuel lines may not seal properly and result in fuel leakage. Install two fuel lines (3).  Using fuel nut wrench, torque four fuel line  fiuts (2). Torque fuel lines to 130-160 lb-in (14.7-18 N-m). Repeat steps b  thru q on remaining cylinders. Change  1 8-37


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