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TM9-2815-202-34 8-15.  FUEL  FLOW  TEST e This taskcovers:   Testing INITIAL  SETUP l MODELS TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL  TOOLS n All General  mechanics  tool  kit  (App B, Item 96) Turbocharger  inlet  shield  (App”B,  Item 81) Testing NOTE if necessary, adapt a fuel line extension to the fuel return line to reach  container. a. Attach a fuel return line (1) beyond restricted  fitting  on  engine. b. HoId open end of fuel return line (1) in a container  (2). WARNING l l l Avoid  contact  with  hot manifolds,  pulleys,  and . other moving parts to avoid /) personal  injury. \ Wear  proper  ear  protection  when  running  engine.  Noise  volume  of engine  can  cause  hearing  loss  or  injury. Protective  turbocharger  air  inlet  shield  must  be  installed  prior  to  doing maintenance  when  engine  is  running  and  air  inlet  has  been  removed. Contact  with  rotating  blades  will  cause  injury  to  personnel. CAUTION Run engine in clean area when air intake ducting  is removed. Dirt, dust, and particles in unfiltered air can enter engine and damage parts or cause mechanical failure. c. Start engine and run at 1200 RPM NO-LOAD. Using a stop watch (3), measure fuel flow from fuel return line (1) for one minute. Minimum fuel return rate is 0.8  GPM. o d. Stop engine. Remove fuel line extension if adapted. Connect fuel return line (1). END OF TASK Change  1 8-39


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