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TM9-2815-202-34 . CAIJTIC?N l l Do not bend fuel lines and do not exceed  specified torque m tie! [he nuts. Excessive tightening will twist or fracture Wed end of hei he and resu’r!  h kaks. Never  reuse  fuel  lines reaardiess  of  their  amearance. AtwaYs  use new tuei tines. Reused fuel iines may not seal p%perty and result k fuel leakage. - Inst#l fuel inlet tube (1) on injector (2] and fuel manifold  (3). Using fuel nut wrench. torque he; WH M)e nuts to 13&160 b-in (14.7-18.3 N-m). END OF  TASK 6XXLOWa  MAINTENANCE Pam     Descr@on +11 hstaJl  rocker  am   covers change 1 841


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