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(3) O (4) (5) . (6) (7) (8) (9) (lo) TM 9-2815 -202-34 Connect external source of fuel supply and fuel return to engine. Fill fuel filters with clean fuel. Connect  same  type  of  air  cleaners  that  are  used  with  engine  when  installed  in  vehicle. NOTE Locate air intake so engine inducts cool fresh air. Connect engine cooling system to a heat exchanger or radiator, similar to vehicle type, to cool engine. Fill cooling system with coolant. Provide an external source of 24 V dc electrical power for starting engine. Install oil pressure gage to main oil gallery. Install  water  temperature  gage  in  thermostat  housing  or  water  outlet  manifold. Connect  tubing  to  exhaust  outlet  of  turbocharger  to  conduct  exhaust  gases  from  engine. Connect  throttle  control  linkage  to  throttle  control  levers  on  governor. END  OF  TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE e Para   Description 4-11  Install  rocker  arm  covers . v 8-47


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