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TM  9-2815-202-34 b. Horsepower Correction and Acceptance Test. (1) See Table 8-4 for listing of measurement term definitions. Table 8-4. List of Measurement Term Definition Symbol Name Units BAROO Observed Barometric Pressure inches Hg (Not corrected to Sea Level) BAROcj Dry  Barometric  Pressure inches Hg VP Water Vapor Pressure inches Hg Tdb Dry  Bulb  Temperature ‘ F Twb Wet Bulb Temperature “F Ta Air Intake Temperature (At Air Cleaner) “F CFa Air Correction Factor “ HP CFsg Fuel Specific Gravity Correction Factor HP CFti Fuel Temperature Correction Factor HP (At Fuel Filter Outlet) BHPo Brake Horsepower Observed HP BHPc Brake Horsepower Corrected HP (To 77°F and 29.31 inches Hg Dry) (2) Dry Barometric Pressure  (BAROd)  using  wet-bulb  and  dry-bulb  temperatures. (a)  Measure  wet-bulb  and  dry-bulb  temperatures  (T~b and Ta}. (b) Record observed local barometric pressure  (BARO.). (c) Refer to Table 8-5 for water vapor pressure (VP) at observed wet-bulb and dry-bulb temperatures. Change  1 8-51


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