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TM9-2815-202-34 APPENDIX B TOOLS AND TEST  EQUIPMENT SPECIAL TOOLS AND COMMON TOOL SETS Section  I.  INTRODUCTION B-1  SCOPE This  appendix  lists   all   common   tool   sets  and  supplemem   sets   and    special   tools   needed  to maintain  the  8V71T  Model  7083-7391.  7083-7395.  7083-7396,  7083-7398,  and  7083-7399  engines. B-2  EXPLANATION  OF  COLUMNS a. Column 1 - Item number. This number is assigned to the entry in the listing and is referenced in the initial Setup to identify the item (e.g., Cradle (App B, Item 13)"). Initial Setup to identify the item (e.g., "Cradle (App B, Item 13)"). b.Column2-Description.This   column   lists   the   item   by   noun   nomenclature   and   other   descriptive features (e.g, "puller, mechanical"). d. Column  4- National  Stock  Number.  This  is the National Stock Number (NSN) assigned to the item; use it to requisition the item. Change  1 B  -  1


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